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Meet the Artist: Amara Kursha

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Meet the Artist is our initiative to bring the artist closer to clients. It’s the perfect opportunity to understand who’s behind the artwork, their motivations and how they contribute to the culture.

In this first post, we will get to know more about Amara Kursha, author of One Psalm at a Time, and what inspired her to write poetry.

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Amara Kursha is a multifaceted artist, author of One Psalm at a Time.

Who is Amara Kursha?

Amara Kursha is a multifaceted artist dedicated to expressing the beauty of art, poetry and love through an array of mediums.

What is culture to you?

Culture to me is the atmosphere and customs that work to shape a lifestyle.

What do you want to contribute to the culture ?

I want to contribute an atmosphere of love and creativity that invokes people to think differently of how they see the world, themselves and others. Which in turn will hopefully help them to lead and live more fulfilling lives.

What product of yours would you like to Highlight?

I would like to present my first published work. It’s titled “ One Psalm at a Time “ it’s a collection of poetry I wrote over a two year period that really digs deep into the beginning stages of my relationship with God. Within its pages you will find me addressing pain, asking questions and overcoming trials while learning who am I all at the same time. God truly spoke to my heart and I genuinely poured it out for all to see , simply “ One Psalm at a Time”

Amara Kursha’s One Psalm at a Time is available at our store. You can check this and more books in our dedicated section.

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