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Who is Acacia Moore of Moore Positive Vibes

Who is Acacia Moore?

Acacia Moore is a single mom & full-time teacher who turned her hobby of making candles into a business

What is culture to you?

Culture is the purest form of expression. It is taking things that we are born with and creating art from it.

What do you want to contribute to the culture ?

I want to create items that will bring peace and joy into your space

What product(s) would you like to highlight?

  1. You got this- is by far our best selling candle. It has sweet notes of mango and coconut.

  2. You are enough- while this candle is a classic vanilla scent the message is everything. In a society that teaches us perfection is the goal, it is important to have reminders that you are enough just as you are.

  3. Relax and Renew- is my favorite scent. It is a clean fresh linen scent that will fillip your whole house.

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