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Who is Kimmy Blinkx?

Kimmy Blinkx are lashes created by Kimmy to represent female black activists of black American history. Activists like Rosa Parks, Josephine Baker, and Fannie Lou Hamer gave women a voice and to fight for the freedom and rights of black Americans.

Kimmy Blinkx lashes
Kimmy Blinkx - Merchants & Culture Blog

What is culture to you?

I am a part of the African American/Black culture and what culture means to me is keeping the legacy going in which our ancestors created for us. Kimmy Blinkx is for the culture and to bring awareness to injustices we still face in our culture today.

Kimmy Blinkx lashes
Kimmy Blinkx - Merchants & Culture Blog

What do you want to contribute to the culture?

I want to contribute my knowledge of black history to not only young black women but both genders to empower them by showing them we can all come together as one instead of being divided.

What product(s) of yours would you like to highlight?

At this time, the product I would like to highlight are my Kimmy Blinkx lashes! Rosa, Josephine, Madam, Fannie, Sorjourner, and Shirley! More coming soon.

Kimmy Blinkx lashes
Kimmy Blinkx, Merchant & Culture Blog

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